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Contractor of the Year

This award recognises the contractor which has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to delivery of new or refurbished buildings to meet client expectations of performance, including occupant satisfaction, comfort and energy performance, throughout the life of the building.



Entries for this category should be based on a project or projects delivered during the period 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

Entries must be accompanied by testimonials from clients and other partners such as contractors, and other participants in the supply chain.

Entries should demonstrate how the organisation meets client requirements and set out how they deliver engineering excellence, sustainable construction and operation and energy efficient performance. Entries will describe how the organisation supports delivery of these objectives through its processes, training and development, and adoption of new technologies and ways of working. Evidence of recent client satisfaction and of current practical use of building performance measurement tools such as DECs, CIBSE TM22, ‘Soft Landings’ or other post occupancy evaluation tools and CarbonBuzz is strongly encouraged.

Judging Criteria

The judges will look for evidence of the quality of the people, processes and buildings for which the contractor is responsible. They will seek examples of projects which are energy efficient and sustainable in construction and operation, and contractors who operate and develop processes and training and development staff to support these objectives, which may include:

  • Evidence* of the quality and effective operational performance of completed projects
  • Evidence of environmental purchasing policies, planning for end of life recycling
  • Evidence of the introduction and use of collaborative tools and processes between your own and external members of project teams that has contributed to improved performance.
  • Examples of advice, support and training provided for clients or building users in the effective operation and management of their building services, including BMS or controls systems.
  • Examples of a thorough, systematic commissioning process to ensure that a new or renovated building operates efficiently and to the original performance specification from when it is first occupied and in use.
  • Examples of effective handover procedures
  • Evidence of the practical use of building performance measurement tools such as DECs, CIBSE TM22, Soft Landings or other post occupancy evaluation tools and CarbonBuzz
  • Evidence of company sustainability and environmental procurement policies

* Evidence may include certification, membership of/participation in Considerate Constructors Scheme, client and/or user testimonials, metered energy data from completed projects in operation, commissioning reports, log books, company policies.

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