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John Aston

Vice President, Aston: Lighting & Control

John Aston

John retired from the role of Green Marketing Manager for Philips Lighting UK at the end of 2008, but remains active in the world of lighting, operating as a Sustainable Lighting Consultant. He has now spent over 34 years in the lighting industry, mostly in marketing / business development roles. For most of his career in lighting, John was involved in the development and application of control systems, which has given him a wide knowledge of light sources and technologies. In the past he has chaired the Ad Hoc Lighting Controls Committee at the LIF (now part of the LIA), and he was Chairman of the Steering Group that produced the CIBSE/SLL Commissioning Code L between 2002 and 2003. He is currently a member of the LIA Lighting Energy Control and Applications Committee (LECAC) which has recently developed a lighting controls guide, which is published on the LIA website.

During the last four years John has drafted the lighting controls content for the recently published CIBSE ‘on line’ lighting education module. He is the co-author of the 2011 revised lighting content on the Carbon Trust website. He has also surveyed some 40 plus large buildings to identify lighting energy savings and prepared detailed, illustrated, reports for each. Over the last five years he has written several opinion pieces for various lighting and energy oriented trade journals and given many presentations on the subjects of LEDs, controls and sustainable lighting, including one to the CIBSE National Conference in 2009.


John is currently President-Elect of the Society of Lighting and Lighting and an active member of the Society’s Education and Membership Committee.

Qualifications: DMS (Diploma in Management Studies, Kingston University 1986).

MSLL = Member of the Society of Light and Lighting.

LIF = Lighting Industry Federation

LIA = Lighting Industry Association

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