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Susie Diamond

Founding Partner, Inkling LLP

Susie Diamond

Susie studied physics at university, then spent several years working as an IT trainer (Excel and VBA) and as a software developer before starting a position as Building Physics engineer at Fulcrum Consulting in 2000. She spent 9 years working for Fulcrum, and a further two for Mott MacDonald after they purchased Fulcrum in 2009. She left Mott MacDonald in September 2011 to co-found Inkling with Isabel Why. Her core building physics skills are in using dynamic thermal simulation software to accurately simulate buildings to predict their energy and thermal performance in operation.

During her career Susie absorbed a great deal about designing lower-energy buildings. She has worked on projects using many types of renewable technologies including some less common in the UK such as ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage), CHP, Earth Tubes  and Termodeck buildings (which maximise the advantage of thermal mass), and is preparing to include Phase Change Materials in future projects. Representing these technologies accurately in a dynamic thermal model requires skill and experience.

Previous projects include a wide variety from schools and colleges to museums, offices, libraries, homes and hospitals.

Inkling is a Building Physics consultancy working to help make buildings more comfortable and energy/carbon efficient (www.inklingllp.com). Our USP is about communication and we work hard to collaborate with our clients, listening to what they want to achieve within all the usual constraints of planning, legislation and budget.

Susie was shortlisted for the UKGBC Mel Starrs Rising Star of Sustainability award this year, and is vice chair of WiBSE (Women in Building Services Engineering). This is the second year that she has been a judge for the CIBSE Building Performance Awards.



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